Scott "Scix" Maddix (scixual) wrote in latin_geeks_sd,
Scott "Scix" Maddix


New group...

This is a group for San Diegans who want to learn or brush up on Classical or Ecclessiastical Latin for fun and games. We will arrange meetings and read contemporary translations of such books as Whinnie-the-Pooh, Alice in Wonderland and Charlotte's Web -- as well as passages from classical and Biblical sources, witha focus on The Fun Bits -- erotic poetry, perhaps?

Once the group has sufficient proficiency, we may well start speaking it at the meetings and/or writing and translating our own stuff.

Anyone who has an interesting book in Latin is more than welcome to bring it -- or sell it to the moderator.

...My LAtin is very rusty -- I last took it in the mid-eighties, and rarely have used it since.

I think it's a shame, so I am creating this group because I want to keep it fresh -- and what better way than to find some like-minded friends to geek out in Latin??
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